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Unconventional Owl. Entertainer. Literacy Advocate. Visionary.
I love cookies & hugs. I also love a good #LeapOfFaith

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We are owl here to...

  • Live

    With Courage.

    On Purpose.

    With Integrity.

    ... and full of Adventure!

  • Love

    With open Hearts.


    With Pure Intention.

    ... and Share it!

  • Hoot

    With Joy.

    In Harmony.

    With Gratitude.

    ... and Encouragement!

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From the blog

  • Jul 9 2014

    It’s Someone’s Birthday Today!!

    Nope, not my birthday. Well, I guess in a roundabout way it is... It's actually my creator's birthday today. You know Karin, don't you? She's the one who drew me to life on a summer afternoon in 1995 (ya, I know!). Today we want to give YOU some Gifts!! Yep, that's how we roll!

  • May 21 2014

    IT’S OFFICIAL: The Three Wise Monkeys Are Retiring!!

    The wise monkeys have been observing me for some time now, and they love my mission to spread joy around the world so much that they have decided to pass the baton to me. I am SO honoured!! Oh my GOODNESS.

  • Apr 28 2014

    I’m Bringing Handmade Back!!

    I decided to bring handmade back with some of the original handmade gifts that I've been featured on throughout the years.

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