Hello! I'm Niki Owl

Celebrating 20 years of Hoots - 1995-2015

Ambassador of Good Will & Celebration.
Author. Entertainer. Visionary.

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We are owl here to...

  • Live

    With Courage.

    On Purpose.

    With Integrity.

    ... and full of Adventure!

  • Love

    With open Hearts.


    With Pure Intention.

    ... and Share it!

  • Hoot

    With Joy.

    In Harmony.

    With Gratitude.

    ... and Encouragement!

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From the blog

  • Mar 29 2015

    The Cortado Owl

    I love a great espresso! This is me about to enjoy a lovely cortado served

  • Feb 14 2015

    Happy OWLentine’s Day!!

    Today I want to celebrate OWL the LOVE in the WORLD with YOU. Here’s to the Love

  • Feb 1 2015

    Owl Cards Made with Love

    Hello Genius! February is often referred to as the month of Love… and of course you know I’m

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Owl You Need Is Love... and Hoots!

It's owl about Love, right?