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Author. Entertainer. Visionary.

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I am here to...

  • Live

    With Courage.

    On Purpose.

    With Integrity.

    ... and full of Adventure!

  • Love

    With open Hearts.


    With Pure Intention.

    ... and Share it!

  • Hoot

    With Joy.

    In Harmony.

    With Gratitude.

    ... and Encouragement!

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Niki Owl Book Reviews

Part spiritual and self-help wisdom, part adventure and part adorable, “niki owl: leap of faith,” by Karin Pinter is not only a great adult read, but can easily be shared with teens and children as well. Each chapter tells a short story with a spiritual lesson or belief weaved into it, allowing it to be read and digested easily for any age. The book takes the reader on an adventure with the character Niki Owl, who migrates from his homeland of Spain to Vancouver, Canada.

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